Bacon Cheese Onion Bites – The Best Easy Savory Baked Appetizers

In this live stream, KQ host Mitch Hightower shares a recipe for Bacon Cheese Onion Bites that are very easy to make. Toasty bread is topped with a mixture of …

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  1. This was fun! Thank you 🙏🏻 for the birthday wishes! I was watching from work & got busy. So I came back to watch the rest. I will have to check out those June Ovens. They look very interesting

  2. Hi guys! Another home run! These looks so delicious! I could probably eat them with my current mouth situation because they look soft enough and easily chewable. Anything with cheese in it is a home run for me. Philip has impeccable timing about knowing when to make an entrance into the kitchen. LOL.

  3. Hi Mitch and Phillip!!!🥰 These bacon cheese onion bites are calling our names!!!! Absolutely deeelish!! Thank you for the shoutout, we loved having you guys join us in the backyard and in the kitchen on Friday! We’d love to trade you some pizza for some of your bacon cheese onion bites!!!☺️🤤🔥👏🥰 and the ginger snap cocktail sounds so delicious, love the addition of the molasses! 🍸

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