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Bagel Recipe | Bagels | 貝果食譜|Breakfast Ideas | 早餐食譜

Bagels | 貝果|Breakfast Ideas | 早餐食譜| This bagel recipe is simple and delicious. Great for sandwiches or eat on it’s own. 超簡單又好吃的貝果食譜,單吃或者 …

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  1. Hi friends, Here are a few tips for this recipe. 1) Bagel dough is quite firm, so watch out how much water you add. I use 140ml to activate the yeast first. Then add 10 to 20ml later. Normally 150ml should be enough. 2) When you roll the dough into a ball, you have to give some pressure because the dough is firm. 3) Brush a little bit of oil in the bowl before first proof would help to keep the shape of the dough, but don't use too much. 4) I use white sesame, black sesame and sunflower seeds, you could use seeds of your choice. You could add garlic and onion flakes too. 5) I didn't add anything in the water to boil the bagels, because I don't think there is any significant differences. If you like my recipe, please like and share my video with your friends and family. Don't forget to subscribe for more delicious recipes. Thank you! 🙂

  2. I have never tasted bagel before . Is it hard and chewy type ? I read somewhere to parboil in water added baking soda- is it for bagel or pretzels ? Hahah… I am so confused .
    Your bagels look so beautiful.

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