Ball on a Budget with These Fancy, but Easy Desserts! Cakes, Cupcakes and More by So Yummy

Ball on a budget with these fancy desserts! For more easy dessert recipe ideas, join the So Yummy squad! About So Yummy So Yummy brings you fun food …

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  1. Delisiuus aku dah beli dah lama vs barang kemas fesyen dan gaya hidup sihat tak pernah buat orang nak kata apa saja demi masa jom ah aku dah belikan aku nak balik rumah

  2. gold leaf….9909345485485489489332932939813894894895985495490459493429345290$
    wow lets call this video….BALL ON A BUDGET

  3. Skill di tv CV TK Khun fun fun RT TV SCTV scr ev Tgk DTG Dr ev eh SCTV SCC gn rugi GBK di di China tv SCTV FTV jg SCTV eh secara 4 fun run dah SG eh eh eh sedang wae wax we even SCTV BNN KKM gmn dgn jgn k dgn k hu

  4. Wouldn’t the latex from the balloon in that one recipe be dirty and they didn’t clean it after

  5. Thankkkk you
    I love tasty and so yummy
    So that apple pie recipe is very helpful when you have almost nothing good to eat in your house lol

  6. I just googled how much edible gold leaf costs and do you think someone will pay 100$ when they are on a budget?

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