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Banana Bread Recipe

The very best Banana Bread is so easy to make! This is my absolute favorite recipe for using up overripe bananas, it’s soft, moist, and bursting with banana, …

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  2. I made this today for the first time, and now can finally say my search for the perfect banana bread recipe is over! It’s so simple and basic but the perfect balance of flavor. Thanks for sharing

  3. My mom grew up poor and didn’t always have food. So she rarely wasted food. She always made banana bread when they bananas were too ripe. She’s an amazing cook and baker. I should have her write down her recipes. I love your channel, new subscriber. ❤️

  4. Adorable little man you got there. I saw before that you were/are a teacher and you seem so nice. I can't even imagine you sending me to the Principal's office when I was in grade school…. but you would've. 😃

  5. Love this video! Getting the ingredients together right now. AND I have a fresh bag of brown sugar (bought it the other day)! I love chunks of banana in there too 😋

  6. Hey, love you channel! I follow a lot of your recipes.
    For this one, I used the three bananas the first time, and left the chunks as you said the bits of banana are yummy.
    Wasn't a fan of the chunks lol. Also was a bit on the moist side. So instead I used two bananas and blended them into a paste really well with my spatula.
    Turn out PERFECT.

  7. It looks that the amount of banana used in this video is off from the recipe description… 3 bananas don't add up to 430 grams. Otherwise the cake recipe is good 👍

  8. I always buy over ripe bananas at the clearance bin, go home, peel and freeze them. This way, I can make banana bread any time I want 😊 instead of waiting for the bananas to ripen/overripen

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