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Banana & Egg Recipe : YUMMY Breakfast

In this video I will show you how to make banana & egg for breakfast. The recipe is very easy to make and very tasty. I just made this recipe for my family for …

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  1. Bro, isn't it verified that egg and banana can't be used together!!????? It causes serious health problems and to some people it acts as poison to the body causing even death…..!!!!!?????

  2. สวัสดีครับคุณติ๊ก..เมนูนี้ลุงขาดแค่กล้วยหอม..เด๋วลุงจะไปซื้อที่ 7-11 ข้างบ้านนี่ละ..ได้ทานแน่ๆ..เมนูนี้กล้วยๆ..แต่น่าทานมากๆเลย..👍😋👍

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