Meat Recipes

BDO Gathering rotations in 2020: Meat Edition! 5 Different spots, 150m/h or more consistently.

Get the highest manos gear you can, and go start chopping. It basically prints money! 1450 mastery, 150m/h or more! I’ve also uploaded the full loops for your …

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  1. This is only true with the P2W tier 4 hedgehog pet, which newer players probably won't have. While this guy gets 10-14 meat units per mob, you'll probably get 3-8 at the very most (even with a manos butcher knife, and manos accessories, and gathering outfit etc). It's not something you can do without that specific pet.

  2. Lmao actually first time I go there. A guy is going around the area gathering. Doesnt bother me, but it certainly bothered him extremely much that I was somewhere close for a second. He starts stalking me and gathering everything I try to. Then he just keeps following me doing that for a while. Until he finally goes abit away to some other packs. (He was crying in the chat the whole time) Then he just straight up kills me (not a duel) and runs as fast I have ever seen anyone run, to a safe zone. He have not returned yet lmao. Funniest shit I have experienced so far.

  3. im doing some wolf in heidel area …. which in my 126 energy i could gather 500 wolf meat …. then relax for a moment … thats the number of meat i can gather … in 30minutes …. so annoying in energy hahaha yet fun

  4. I got T2 hedgehog,artisan 5 gather,full tri loggia gear+buffs and only pulling under 30 mil~ ,while im doing lumbering i can atleast make 80-90mil/h idk whats so wrong about the loot but lumbering is better for me

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