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Welcome to my channel @Evelyn’s Plate this is a short version of my BEEF STROGANOFF for easy tutorial of this dish. A beef recipe 2021 “Do not omit alcohol …

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  1. Welcome to my channel today I’m sharing another classic national dish, The Russian Beef Stroganoff.
    "STROGANOFF was invented and named after a member of a Russian noble family Count Stroganoff by his personal chef, this delicious beef recipe has travelled far and wide across the globe since the 19th century. How to make best beef Stroganoff? What cut of beef is best? First off, the beef quality is paramount; avoid stewing beef and buy sirloin or rump steak. You only need a pound or two so buy the best you can afford. Use a heavy bottomed skillet and avoid non-stick if possible. You want your meat to stick to the pan so it gets coated with brown bits because once you hit it with a shot of brandy they get released into the sauce and that's where wonderfully complex flavour comes from. Serve it with a sweet dill pickles and mounds of mashed potatoes. You might be surprised but potatoes are the most traditional pairing for Beef Stroganoff in Russia. Mashed potatoes at home and often shoestring potatoes in restaurants. You can also serve beef Stroganoff over rice or egg noodles."_Julia Frey
    "Do not omit alcohol in the sauce. It adds a depth of flavour. I believe a splash of brandy or whisky pair especially well with the earthy taste of mushrooms. Use a combination of fresh cream and sour cream for an authentic Stroganoff taste. Adjust the proportions according to your taste. A little bit of dijon mustard goes a long way in adding a touch of acidity to the rich and creamy sauce, which creates balance. Don't forget to salt properly. Creamy dishes need salt! "_Vikalinka
    *erratum: 1 tsp. of black pepper only not (1 tbsp.) sorry (typo-error)

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