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BEGINNER VEGAN RECIPES | 10 recipes you need in your life

BEGINNER VEGAN RECIPES GALORE!! ☀︎Buddha Bowl buddha bowls better-than-chipotle burrito bowl …

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  1. I don't ever plan to transition to a vegan diet, but I am trying to include a lot more plant based meals in my diet. I've found these videos super helpful for this dietary change!

  2. Hi I'm not a vegan but I would like to become a vegan I have a question my diet consists of cheese and more cheese and sugar and more candy ice cream cake I'm hoping that trying to become a vegan also help with feeling better and losing weight getting rid of the sugar Cravings to be able to do a vegan diet I do not want to add process food into my diet is the packaging for the vegan meat is that considered processed food or is that good packaged vegan meat okay to use sorry I know I have dumb questions but I don't know who else to ask cuz I don't know anybody who's vegan

  3. You are so vibrant, healthy and animated, plus informative for new vegans. Love your channel and the great ideas. Your cookbook is a must have in all vegan kitchens.

  4. I was vegan from '04-'08 and I went back again last year. (I had been considering it for way too long before taking the plunge again.) Your maple dijon tempeh is seriously one of the best things I've had. My roommate and I easily kill 1/4 of a batch before I force myself to put it away for meal prep. Seriously so good and so easy!

  5. Beautiful person beautiful food! Cookbook arrived today and I just love your writing, stories of your family (Nana cutting onion with a paring knife) and the historical background in the introduction. Can’t wait to try some of your recipes. Thanks for sharing! You’re really inspiring!

  6. Yes! This video was very helpful. But it’s official I’ve watch your videos ALL weekend and I really need to buy your cookbook!
    Please more breakfast videos with veggie eggs in a casserole if possible! Oh can you do a video on all mushrooms like 3 recipes specializing in different types of mushrooms. 🍄
    Thank you for goodnesses!!
    PS: your dress is beautiful!💕

  7. I won't even front. The hot chicken and biscuits are enough to turn me vegan lol. But seriously, this makes me so excited about starting my plant-based diet. In the past, I had attempted to live a vegan lifestyle, but when tragedy hit, I went to my comfort foods. These recipes give me the best of both. Thank you!

  8. Ugh, you make me want to go vegan! I’ve been thinking about it for awhile now and I’m definitely planning to try it out for a short period just to see what it’s like.

    Thanks for sharing these recipes! You have such a beautiful energy about you! ❤️

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