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Beginner's Guide to Going VEGAN 🍠🌿

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  1. humans are obligate carnivores! veganism is a man made diet and a death cult! Its horrible for your health, it doesn't save animals and doesn't help the environment ! only fools can believe what government is pushing and it is pushing plant based diet! when you weak you can't resist!

  2. Being vegan in small town Iowa is a challenge I'll say that. I've tried to go vegan 3 times and the longest I've lasted was 2 weeks. Hopefully now that I'm out on my own this time it'll stick.

  3. This video was so helpful. I feel like most YouTuber vegans alienate their audiences by showcasing the most elaborate, exotic, expensive foods making veganism seem elitist and unattainable. This video was down to earth and relatable. Thank you

  4. I struggle a lot with my diet. I’m autistic and have so many sensory issues when it comes to eating. There’s only like..6 meals I eat. I wanna be vegan but it’s gonna be a really hard transition for me because eating soemthing i’ve never eaten before in general is like..emotional lol. I’m gonna take in baby steps recipe by recipe.

  5. I just asked my dad what would happen if I tried going vegan and he told me that I’d starve. :/ I guess I have to wait until I can pay for my own meals

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