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BEST ACAI BOWL RECIPE | Ultimate Superfood Smoothie 🥝Easy. Healthy. Vegan.

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  1. There's no such thing. Everyone has its own way of enjoying it. Being eating it my whole life with granola or rice flakes and condensed milk or powdered milk. Some people here don't even belnd it with anything. Bananas or strawberries. It tastes like earth, but it's tradition.

  2. I honestly need to eat better, though I wouldn’t be fully raw I’ve cut out dairy but now I want just healthier meals and I’m going to add your smoothies as one of my meals. You said this In a video before about nourishing your body and I really need to start doing that. Stay safe and take care everyone

  3. Christina, this is my short reaction to your truth video.
    You will not fall down! You will continue rise and grow beautifully… you are educating people and you teach them(us) how to stay healthy. Thank you so very much for sharing your wise ideas. Those ppl are just jealous of your success and want to cash the coin using your name. Message for those people- pleasee, create your own content, study, research. You can also watch Christina videos to learn. Lol. Just saying.
    Christina, majority of us love you and support you. The rest are just jealous ppl. ❤️🙏❤️

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