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BEST BURGER RECIPE 2021 – NOT Vegan Friendly . . . (comedy by WTFG)

Sponsored by Godoggo! The world’s best ever VEGAN burger recipe right here! Also works great with regular BEEF burgers, or in …

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  1. Children will come back to this video in ten years and realise how psychotic our behaviour once was. If you can survive and thrive off plants without harming animals why wouldn't you do it?

  2. It took 56 years but I finally saw it. Was watching a group of blacktail deer (CA near the OR border, 2011) eating blackberries when a mouse ran out of the bushes and a doe reared up, and stomped the mouse with its front hooves. It then bent its head down, grabbed the mouse, and then raised its head and gobbled the mouse. Gulp!

  3. very funny! so far I have only made "real burger" videos but you are inspiring me to do something vegan… i guess. If you put a gun to my head LOL… subscribed.. hopefully you will like the recipes in my channel enough to do the same.

  4. Great one!!!!!! Great tasting too no doubt. Vegan is an old indian term for poor hunter. Loved it. Are you numbering your videos? Which one might this be?

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