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Best Chai Masala Powder Recipe | चाय मसाला पाउडर | Chai Masala Secret ingredient | Chef Ranveer Brar

CHAI MASALA POWDER RECIPE – Masala chai papa ke haath ki humne banwa li, ab chai masala bhi bana lete hain. Yeh meri secret recipe hai, try zaroor …

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  1. Bhai aapke dada dadi humare city me rahte the. Or bhai mujhe bhi bahut si chije aati hi banate agar mujhe moka doge kya apne show me. Kuch banane ka bhai. But bhai history apko batani hogi me bhale search kar luga lekin apka bolne ka tarika bada chinga hai ji.

  2. Chef Ranveer Brar, With due respect the word is "BRITISH" and not "britishers".
    "britishers" is a word used by uneducated, ignorant and rude people.

  3. I always wondered if cashew and pistachios powder can be mixed for garnishing with hot masala chai🤔. Please reinvent some new flavors with masala chai.🙏

  4. Quantity you are adding and quantity you are displaying on the screen are not same. For example black pepper you are asking to add 6-8 nos but actually it's more than 20 nos. Can you please tell the quantity in grams ?

  5. I can write on all your videos….Love you Ranveer 😍😚😚 this channel is specially recommended for depressed people and for people who feel low in life for some reasons….this man can make anyone cheer up and smile…God bless you brother…

  6. Hi.. came across this masala chai but i dont understand Hindi. Is it possible to mention the brewing steps in English here please like how to do the chai after the powder had been grinded?

  7. I guess many people abroad like me would be interested to know how we can use this masala when making tea using teabags- at what point do we add this masala and I guess we need to strain it later ?

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