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Best Ever Roasted Chicken Step by Step| Whole Roast Chicken

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  1. Girlllll I can smell and even taste this through the phone. I’m making this for Christmas dinner. My first time hosting at my house and I already know this is going to be the talk of the night! Wthhh

  2. I made this last night and it was fantastic! Its a keeper for sure! Thank you for the recipe! The only thing I will do different is make a huge batch of the seasoning so its ready in a jar. This way I don't have to pull out the spices every time.

  3. Thank you made this last year and everyone loved it . Making it again this week. The only things I added were some fresh herbs, butter underneath the skin, then marinated overnight. :* chef's kiss!

  4. Here to say I tried this recipe and girl!!! I injected my chicken and made a gravy from the drippings too but I pretty much followed what you did as far as seasoning and technique! BEST CHICKEN I’ve made hands down!

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