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Best KETO SNACKS at Target RIGHT NOW 2021

Keto snacks at Target! Today I’m taking you guys through all of the low carb keto friendly snacks Target is selling right now in 2021. And this is an absolutely …

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  1. anyone else not keto anymore and still just watch a whole bunch of keto vids lol, i can't live without fruit variety so got off keto to eat me some apples etc. Still eating alot of keto foods though due to them being naturally sugar free for the most part

  2. Bro premier protein has horrible ingredients.I am very surprised you would promote it. Also Italian salami is proven to cause heart disease. This video is wack.

  3. How do you figure net carbs? The mint patties have 23g carbs and 11g fiber which is 12 net carbs and the quest bars were 24g carbs with 14g fiber which is 10 net carbs. Right?

  4. When I first started wearing braces the other day my teeth got sensitive I had to drink the premier protein shake but I wasn’t sure if was ok thanks for the information that it is ok to have on keto

  5. Alot of these products are low carb but damn, there are very bad ingredients in many of them. I'd be more concerned about the ingredients, especially those protein shakes.

  6. I’ve gotten addicted to Atkins bars and trying to get away from them. The ingredients aren’t so good either. Thanks for the idea of those meat trays, I’ll create my own with different meats and cheese for a snack idea. I absolutely LOVE the Rebel ice cream, I have half the container each time. My go-to is usually Chomps beef sticks from Thrive Market and string cheese.

  7. Low-carb, but lots of dodgy ingredients in some of those products! The Quest bars, for example, have the artificial sweetener sucralose, and the Blue Diamond almonds have canola oil and/or safflower oil.

  8. I love adding the the Lilly’s chocolate chips to espresso and heavy cream to make hot chocolate. Add some cayenne cinnamon and nutmeg to make it a Mexican hot chocolate so good!

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