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Best Kidney Diet 2019 Part 3 – Recipes for Renal Diet Full Menu

I’ve made some special recipes for your renal diet. It’s a full #menu and the #dishes are going to be not just very healthy but also tasty! Following the right kidney …

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    Feel free to ask anything related to ckd down below in comment section. I'll answer your questions as soon as possible or in my next video.
    Stay strong. You can beat this terrifying disease!!!
    Wishing you all the best!
    Katherine <3

  2. The dishes look delicious but I no longer eat cauliflower can broccoli be substituted? I love you channel as I have high creatinine levels and have managed to get it down through diet but always looking for more recipes.

  3. Thé vagira les should be in water for at least one hour then boiling them 2 times in water then you can put them in pan with little oil I am cooking for my mother everyday god bless her

  4. My husband has been on dialysis for a month and is not eating. He is Mexican so I need to know what I can make him. Not diabetic. An autoimmune decease destroyed his kidneys. Please help.

  5. My husband is having problems of infiltration of kidney. He is too worried. He is also having diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart ♥ disease. Your recipes are too good. I love to try in the morning. Thanks Katherine. I am your big fan

  6. Hi mam kath i found your chanel really interested how to eat properly coz i have kidney failure and doctor say 30% left and i also have gastritis everytime i take the medicine i have stomachaches😥😔..what is good food for gastritis and kidney failure…i need your advice thank you i enjoyed your Channel.

  7. Dear Katherine some times u r saying the milk content more prosphere and egg contents more protein and should not consume the kidney patient. Whereas here u r recommending the both to consume. Which we have to follow.. Pl clarify.

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