Best of 2020 WW recipes (Weight Watchers) | Our Favorite Dinner and Dessert WW Recipes of 2020💚💙💜

Best of 2020 WW recipes (Weight Watchers) | Our Favorite Dinner and Dessert WW Recipes of 2020 We are coming up on a year of consistently doing WW, we …

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  1. **It was brought to my attention by a viewer that I had the graham crackers entered incorrectly on the Eclair recipe. I entered them as 22 1/2 crackers thinking a sheet was a cracker, not realizing each sheet was actually considered 4 crackers. After adjusting for the correct amount of crackers, the points went up to 9 per serving. If you use the Cool Whip brand of whipped topping which is lower in points than the Kroger brand I used, the points would be 8 per serving. Sorry for my calculation mistake, I usually enter things by ounces or grams to avoid this type of mistake but didn't with the graham crackers unfortunately. This is still an amazing dessert that is worth the 9 or 8 points!

  2. Where have you been all my life, new subscriber!
    Thanks for sharing. I love the 2 ingred dough and have used it many times and my husband likes it.
    Did you use the same dough for the bombs?
    Can't wait to see more..❤

  3. Thank you for so many wonderful ideas! This is a great video. On the cinnamon rolls, you don’t need more flour if they stick. Try refrigerating the dough before cutting and using a serrated knife. It will cut much easier, I think.😄

  4. Yum, going to definitely try some of these recipes, especially the eclair slice pudding. We don't have Graham Crackers in NZ, any ideas what I could substitute? Diana NZ

  5. Hi, Alicia!
    Those Philly cheese burger bombs look good. I was impressed by how nicely the dough browned.
    Don't worry about forgetting about the lasagna in the crockpot…I have forgotten about things as well.
    Those cinnamon rolls look really good. I like things a bit underdone usually, too.
    Thanks for always sharing great recipes with us!

  6. Hi, Alicia! So many wonderful and delicious recipes. I remember all of these fantastic dishes! I did the chocolate pudding topping on the eclair cake.
    We loved it with the pudding instead of melted chocolate and so much easier. I loved the recipes you picked. Fantastic share dear friend.
    Many blessings to you. Have a beautiful evening.🥰❤️🌻❤️🌻

  7. My chocolate eclair cake recipe lol I have made this for years except we use a container of chocolate icing(melted in microwave )on top it’s amazing, can’t wait to try your mini calzones taco and cheeseburger ones

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