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Best Places for Vegan Food Berlin *must try*

Best Places for Vegan Food in Berlin PART 1: Best Places for Vegan Food in Berlin PART 2: …

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  1. A south-east Asian restaurant I just discovered: samâdhi, it's super close to the Brandenburger Tor. The food was sooo good, it's a tofu heaven, two omni friends were happy with their vegan/vegetarian meals too. And it was quite calm even on a saturday evening, I hope they make it through Corona.

  2. "They have stores all over Germany" not in my hometown, the only vegan place we had cloooosed D: And I don't live in a small city, I live in Braunschweig… Well, next year I'll move to Berlin and I'll know where to go thanks to your videos<3 Love this series! I had already tried out SOY (twice) from one of your videos years ago and loved it*-*

  3. I just moved to berlin and i went to greenfinch today because of this video and damn the pancakes were good!! Thanks for the recommendation ❤

  4. Just before you said that the interiors of the cafe reminded you of cafes in Australia, I was thinking ‘wow that looks like a cafe I’d see here in Australia’ 😂

  5. After living in a small town with almost no vegan options for 1,5 years, I'm moving back to Berlin this week. Can't wait to test some of the places I didn't know yet.
    MOM's Creation has been one of my favourites when I was still living in Berlin.
    Also Café V, in case you don't know that one yet.
    Always love your voice. So calming 🙂 Thanks.

  6. in Turkey we have his food caller “kumpir” which is basically baked potato with tons of veggies on it. originally it contains butter but there must be vegan options or you can just ask them not to put it if there are any. I would recommend you to give it a go i think you will enjoy it!

  7. I watch her videos for many reasons…😍😍 I love her vegan recipes,I'm a green person,her videos are perfect when I'm doing the ciclette for 10/15 min…
    And I loveeee her spontaneous way to tell and record the video

  8. PLEAASEEEE try to make this creamy pasta with while wine sauce and vegan salmon, it was one of my favourite dishes before going vegan and I so want to try making it ❤️

  9. i really love mantra which is a vegan indian restaurant in Berlin (Dürerplatz 2, 12157 Berlin). It was sooo amazing. They cook the food freshly on demand, so nothing goes to waste. such nice people and incredible food

  10. I don't know if you mentioned it in one of your videos yet, but I recently went to Berlin and really liked the restaurant Kong. They had quit a few vegan options and I especially liked the tofu noodles. They were spice, but very good!

  11. Mina this feels so weird cause some of these places are in my neighborhood haha, i also HIGHLY recommend Maria in Falckensteinstr. for vegan comfort food. 10/10 cheeses. Coming from a non-vegan.

  12. Love it! Danke für das Video!

    Han West will ich auch schon lange mal probieren, aber die Schlange ist immer extreeem lang, wenn ich daran vorbeikomme… Gibt's da einen Trick, wann weniger los ist?

    Was noch echt cool wäre, wäre wenn Du bei dem jeweiligen Restaurant/Café den Bezirk dazusagst. Manchmal machst Du das, aber nicht immer. Ist ganz nice um einzuschätzen, wie weit man unterwegs wäre und ob etwas eher in der Nähe ist, wenn einem der Straßenname nichts sagt. (Klar, könnte auch selbst googlen, aber so wüsste man direkt beim Schauen, was für einen infrage kommt. 🙂 )

  13. Hey! Video suggestion! Why not do a video where you use one ingredient to make multiple dishes? For example: 5 recipes you can make with chickpeas or 5 dishes you can make with sweet potatoes

  14. I love how many options there are! I've been in Berlin once but didn't know there were so many! I hope I can go again to visit all these places!! Thank you so much for showing us all of them, your videos are the best as always Mina!! 😍 Been checking all week for your next upload since I didn't remember when it was xD

  15. I’ve seen the other two videos, and I don’t remember you going to Chimneys! So it’s a great all vegan ice cream and waffle place!! You should go sometime soon, they have two or three stores in Berlin. I really recommend it :))

  16. I love these kind of videos, I always get to know new places I didn’t know before. Definitely going to check them out.🥰
    Some recommendations I haven’t seen in your videos yet:
    Cozymazu (Authentic Taiwanese food, soo good)
    Yamyam (Korean food)
    Secret Garden (vegan Sushi, a little expensive but worth it)
    Takenori (Japanese Curry)
    Cai Kitchen (Szechuanese food, sooo good)

  17. brb travelling round the city to find ALL THIS INCREDIBLE FOOD!! 🤤
    also can confirm that the korean food was chef's kiss and mina is the loveliest human in existence ✨

  18. I'm soo jealous 😩 in my small astrian town we just get our second fully vegan place in a couple of weeks. It's another burger place but ok😂 there are a couple places who also serve vegan stuff but like I also went to places where I just got fries because they don't even have vegetarian options 🤦‍♀️

  19. Thanks for the tips Mina, Berlin is awesome 😄 Here’s another place I recommend checking out: The Ramones Museum Bar and Café in Kreuzberg 🤘 Very tasty vegetarian and vegan meals (especially breakfast and cakes 🍰), plus, they are quite budget friendly as well! Cheers from Canada 🍁

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