BEST TUNA SALAD RECIPE | easy & healthy

Tuna salad is a light and fresh comfort food classic. Made with a few simple ingredients it’s an easy, flavorful and healthy lunch or dinner recipe. Serve tuna …

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  1. Looks yummy!!! I have never been able to make a good tuna fish sandwich. LOL I would have never thought to put in all those herbs. I'm going to check out your recipe for mayonnaise. I'm sure it's very healthy! I also can substitute mayo with plain yogurt. I love watching your videos! You have such a calming voice. 馃檪

  2. Similar to my recipe but I also add chopped garlic….also, I use the Italian brand Cento which is packed in olive oil and I of course don鈥檛 drain, as I want the oil flavor, I just add less mayo but it鈥檚 still incredibly creamy. Also, keeping it in frig to let all the flavors meld together makes it even tastier!

  3. Thank you! I've been adding relish to give it more flavor but I like the idea of the added herbs. Very healthy and tasty.

  4. Tuna is not healthy they fill our hospitals with mercury intoxication, inflammation, hearth diseases, high blood pressure etc. With fish oils? How about you make a 'Chickpeas tuna' salad video instead? That would be healthy and taste as good or even better!

  5. Do an internet search and ask. What has more mercury Pink light tuna or Albacore tuna. It's funny how the cheap stuff is actually healthier. On another note, you can also add walnuts, pecans, pieces of apple, chunks of pineapple and even shredded coconut, minced boiled eggs. Be brave, go where no one has gone before. You can also substitute mashed Avocado instead of mayo or mayo made with olive oil.

  6. over the years I've tried many different things to add to the canned tuna…my hubby and I liked all the recipes but we never loved any…I was lazy one day and used just tuna and mayo… we sat down to eat we looked at each other and said at the same time " its good!" that's my recipe…

  7. Tuna tastes too fishy, I tried white tuna packed in water, it is less bad. I like to add pickle relish. By far, the best tuna sandwiches come from New York City delicatessens in Manhattan. They must have a central supplier for their tuna salad recipe. It is not fishy, it is slightly sweet, very tasty. Find out who makes it, get their recipe, and please share it. It is something that comes out of that city which I have found that is good.

  8. Not to brag but I make the best tuna salad I have ever had, and this has been echoed by anyone who's had it. But yours looks like a close second. I basically do it the same way minus the herbs and mustard. The herbs surely add a burst of freshness. I like my tuna salad a lot creamier so I add at least twice the amount of mayo. Nice Job! Whoever gets to eat this is indeed lucky.

  9. MY mum makes it like that 2 but with AVOCADO MAYO , SHE buys from Costco , also add some chopped fine Garlic & fresh chopped fine peppers like those fresh skinny chill peppers too, comes out real good 2

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