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How to make the best vegan banana bread with just 8 main ingredients. It’s light, fluffy, tender, and moist! Tag me on Instagram @rainbowplantlife with your …

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  1. When u put that on the scale, the final result u get also adds ur metal cups weight in grams. What u should have done is scopped the flour into a separate bowl that's tared out on ur scale.

  2. I’ve had to come back to comment and say that I made this banana bread yesterday.
    This banana bread is dangerous. Whoever makes this needs not to eat it but to send it to myself so I can properly discard of it, in my mouth 🤤

    First of all, you were correct…it was hard to avoid eating it right out of the oven and that’s exactly what I did! I just couldn’t stay away to allow it to cool. Oh how heavenly it smelled😭😍 It was so delicious! So delicious in fact, that I too have to agree that this is by far the best vegan banana bread I have ever made and ate! You can’t even tell there is aquafaba in it (which I was worried about for no reason, clearly).

    I woke up today to find less than half of it remaining and although a little part of me was sad about that, I was also so joyous to know someone else in the house also found it as delicious as I did. So, I sought out to do the only plausible thing there was to do….and that was to be sure to scoff the final slices all to myself after dinner. So no one else could, of course😂

    Speaking of dinner, yesterday I also made your chana masala recipe and once again…it was absolutely divine!

    I’ve tried a handful of chana masala recipes but nothing compares to yours. This recipe is perfect and all the spices just happily marry one another in my mouth 🤤I didn’t have every single ingredient but as you said, ‘if you don’t have them,you don’t have them’. Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised (but not shocked) to find out this recipe is hands down the best chana masala recipe out there. Soon enough the house was fragrant with what was cooking and it was at that point when I knew I’d never have to hunt for another chana masala recipe, ever again.

    Some may think I’m overreacting when I explain how amazing your recipes are but truthfully, I really am not.

    I just want to say a huge thank you from my salivating tastebuds for these recipes and I’ll be 100% sure to make more. They are so simple, fuss free and the ingredients are easily accessible, yet the taste and satisfaction from them is huge. Next on the list is the bolognese and I can’t wait for it!

    I hope you are staying safe amid the craze of the current world and I send my love and support to you all the way from the UK 💚

  3. Thank you for the recipe! I made it with 1 cup whole grain, and 1 cup oat flour (white flour isn’t available here), added a handful of chopped walnuts, and dark chocolate chips… YUM!!!! It turned out so so so well 🙂

  4. Loved this! We are definitely bakers over here, and by that I mean we mostly just do it for fun, but there were some extremely helpful tips like using aquafaba as an egg replacement and how to properly measure 😱
    And the consistency of that bread, so perfect!!!

  5. Your banana bread is the BEST! I would say restaurant-quality. Moist, fluffy… simply delicious!
    I used unsweetened apple sauce instead of the oil, since oil makes the whipped aquafaba deflate back to its liquid form.

  6. Oh wow new to your channel looks amazing food. Been a veggie since I was 9 (now I my 30s) and offten looked in to being a vegan but never worked for me theres definitely lots of new ideas and recipes that make me want to try things again (particularly health wise). And this banana bread is my first! Thank you

  7. No sad faces! Sending good vibes! I'm a new subscribe! I caught the mash potatoe video from 5 month ago and I'm up to date now lol heart this channel

  8. Do you think it can be made into muffins? My sister is a big fan of anything in this form 😀 Also, I would appreciate the grams in the recipe if you have them written down anyways! In Europe we rarely use cups 😉
    Anyways, thank you for such a bomb but simple recipe with that pinch of dancing which makes me a happier human!

    Sending you lots of love!

  9. I cracked up when you had your face close to it, smelling it. I also giggled watching you dance around as you waited for it to cool. That was relatable, because I dance in the kitchen all the time. The banana bread looks delicious, and, as usual, this video made me laugh. Thank you Nisha for your lively personality.

  10. Hello from southern Colorado! I love your recipes, and your book. I'll be making this one as soon as my banana ripen – almost ready! Neat trick with the aqua faba, by the way. Is there a way to get away with using less oil?

  11. All the things you said not to do, I recently did while making banana bread. (I hadn't seen this video.) Thanks for a great recipe! I love your videos – they are informative and SO entertaining! My coping/de-stressing activities are jigsaw puzzles (I had never done them before and now have a love/hate relationship with them), making your recipes and exercising!

  12. Hi Nisha, I recently found your channel and love your recipes. They are simple and easy to make. I think your banana bread recipe is very good. As a vegeterian, I don't use eggs and I am glad I found your video.

    I was curious if you have a chai recipe that tastes good with plant based milk because I agree with you about dairy products resulting in digestive health issues. I have tried it with coconut milk but doesn't taste as good as chai made from whole milk. Please provide any suggestion you may have. I love my chai every morning and would love to get your take on it.

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