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BEST Veggie Burger~vegan/gluten free~no weird ingredients

This veggie burger is so tasty, even carnivores will love them! The ingredients are so simple you probably already have them. Original recipe does have gluten, …

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  1. 2:29 Black beans are weird ingredients here. Even if I buy it online, it will still be rather expensive. Red beans are more common here, but the taste might become a bit different. Probably not in a good way.

  2. Paul I have a question: I got stuff for this but forgot the oatmeal :/ I have the whole wheat, and also garbanzo flour… I have polenta sigh — SHOULD I TRY IT SANS OATMEAL FOR NOW OR WAIT? :0 🙂

  3. Yes please! I will happily watch your recipe videos! 😀 Do you have any videos of staple foods you always have on hand?

  4. That looks delicious. Question. It looked a little on the dry side, was it? Also thinner patties would cook faster right. But do thinner patties dry out more? Would it cause the patty to fall apart if I added water during the 15 minute cook time?

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