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Better Than Steak And Lobster! Everyone Was Amazed After Trying It!!!

Video content: 0:00 – Start 0:06 – Baked Beef In Port 2:35 – Walnut-Crusted Beef 4:34 – Moldavian Mititei 6:39 – Beef Stew «For All Occasions» ✓ Baked Beef In …

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  1. DON'T CAN MEAT THIS WAY, IT'S NOT SAFE – you may get away with it 9 times out of 10 (or 99 times out of 100) but that last time will kill you…. Pressure process red meat with 10 lbs pressure for at least 90 minutes to kill botulism spores. Look up "raw-pack canning" online.

  2. Is this Satire or some other kind of joke about cooking? Why is everything horribly overcooked to be dry? There's technical issues with all of those recipes.

  3. Greetings, and thank you for the amazing videos. I'm not sure that I would enjoy beef with walnuts, but I have to remind myself that some of the things my Icelandic grandmother used to cook also seemed unappealing. Sometimes, though, when I actually tried them . . . total yum.

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