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Beyond Burger Recipe /DIY How to make your own plant based meat

Today I attempted to make a DIY beyond meat. This recipe is gluten free and has all of the flavor of the ones found in stores for …

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  1. Hey beautiful! Your recipe is genius! Thank you I want to give it a try! My question is can I use powered gluten instead of the cellulose and how much for the given ingredients??

  2. The written recipe does not match what’s in the video. For example, the vid says “2 Tablespoons of liquid smoke” (which is a lot!) and the written recipe says “2 tsp. liquid smoke”. Same with the sesame oil. Be careful with those two ingredients, if you put multiple tablespoons of them both in this it will be overpowering.

  3. When I use liquid smoke a few drops is enough for string flavor; it is so potent a flavoring. I am surprised to see two tablespoons suggested for a small batch of burger. Isn’t it overpowering?

  4. Mail chimp link only requests email and name. Nothing happens after information is entered. So I used the list of ingredients and in the amounts listed ( except I used Kappa Carrageenan instead of Methyl) and my mix is too pasty and not as textured as yours. Should I have drained the black beans and used only as much as you did in the video or in the list of ingredients? I could not open your link to get the written instructions. It tastes good and I am leaving in fridge over night to see if it sets up more. Thanks!

  5. Thank you so much Tiffany. This looks absolutely fantastic.

    My wife and I love your recipes. It's always great to see how much effort and dedication you put into experimenting to come up with great new vegan recipes.

    One thought: We are not a fan of using methylcellulose (or xanthan gum).Since it is a chemical compound and we believe that as vegans we should do our best to avoid all non-organic ingredients.

    Do you have a suggestion for an alternative, for example how about agar agar or locust bean gum as an alternative?

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