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Binging with Babish: Squash and Beef from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Babish Cookware on Amazon: This week, the gang is squashing their beefs, a turn of phrase that Charlie …

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  1. Hey, Seeing this episode reminded me of a dish that my family ate often, It's called Manti and its basically my family's version of dumplings and its has both squash and beef, to make it you'd start by cubing the beef and squash with some minced onions in a bowl, season with salt, pepper add a pinch of sugar, and a bit of oil then mix it real well, wrap it with some dough into a dumping, and steam them, One of my all time favorite meals, that i'd highly recommend

  2. would anyone have any suggestions for a different pairing with these short ribs? It all looks amazing but my boyfriend is allergic to squash…

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