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Bioponics; Complete DIY Organic Hydroponics Setup including Making Liquid Fertilizer

Bioponics is a method of organic hydroponics. It was not conceived by Bioponica but we have pioneered this topic. The Biogarden is our patented grow system …

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  1. Genius, make the whole process more efficient, then you can Scale it, and make it commersial. If growing fish is not the primary objective, this is much better. Actully easier to maintain.

  2. David, awesome video as always! I love how you're harnessing the microbial world to grow your plants. I do have a question for you. You mentioned that you do an anaerobic fermentation of around a couple weeks. Don't you get a buildup of volatile fatty acids and alcohols that can be damaging to the roots unlike a longer term anaerobic digestion where the carbon is converted to Methane?

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