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BIRRIA QUESA TACOS | EASY Birria Tacos And Consome Recipe | Slow Cooker Beef Birria

Today I am making Slow Cooked Beef Birria and cheesy quesa tacos. This is a highly requested street food recipe. The cheesy crispy tacos dipped in a flavorful …

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  1. I need this soooo bad. But I don't have any of the stuff and I'm a bad cook. I live in Texas I really need to marry a Spanish girl that can cook. I don't care what she looks like or if she's 80 years old she gotta cook like this lol.

  2. Loving your recipes. In this one where you're making your salsa, with arbol chillies, can you substitute for other chillies?? As i don't live in a country where we have access to Mexican chillies, i have managed to get my hands on the three main chillies you are using for the birria -guajillo, ancho and pasilla, oh and the chipotle in adobo – can i use any of these to make the salsa with the roma tomatoes?


  3. I stay in Middle East Nd would love to try this but the ingredients of chilies we donโ€™t get it here can you help if so I can make it and give u a review of arab ingredients

  4. There are 174 haters out there. This looks soo good! I'm surprised it doesn't have a million views already. I can smell the Birria through the computer.

  5. Where do I go to meet spanish women who cook like this I need to get married to one that makes food that makes me happy just by how good the food looks…. dont judge me yall I a skinny fat loving dude with a healthy appetite..

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