Birthday Party | Day With Me | Food + Dessert | Last Year 2020

Whats Upppp Youtube Channell! ▪︎How Yall Doing??? ☆ #Happy #Birthday #Food ☆ ▪︎Little Day With Mee Momenttttt▪︎ Dayy With Mee Yas Its A Mixed Up …

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  1. Hey Karina, OMG! Everything looked so good in the intro. Hey Alexa, that looked really good. I want some McDonald's. Pretty flowers. I haven't ridden a bike in forever. LOL. Apple juice is my fave when I'm not drinking water. I definitely liked the video and I edit late too. Candy. FW and have a great weekend.

  2. Tajin & Cucumber 🥒👌🏼♥moment. Cute 🚲 bike moment with you & Alexa. I want some pizza from little cesar & McDonald's moment! I want some! Cleaning moment.

  3. Yum yum little Cesar 🍕pizza! Love the cute cake pop! Yay to pool moment and pretty blue skies. The yummy cake..I want some! The decorations is so pretty!

  4. There’s so many parties In ur family AHHA! The cake looks so delicious!! I love your bike! So cute! And AHHH French fries 😍😍 making me hungry!! I love ur smile girl ❤️❤️

  5. Karina – cute birthday and I love all the decorations – your family sure knows how to have fun! 🤗. All the food in this video is making me hungry 😋

  6. Hey Karina! This was a lovely birthday!!! The cake looks awesome! I also would like a slice of pizza a cake pop ;D 🍕 🍰🍭 Oh McDonalds and In And Out too! So much good food 🙌

  7. Heyy girl👋🏻. Nice decorated for the birthday celebration . Yummy some Mc Donald’s 😋. In n out girl you got me hungry NOW more that I haven’t ate lol!!! Oh girl pipinos with chili and lemon 🍋 bomb!!! Nice windy 🌬 day . What now little Caesars pizza 🍕. Lol what should we comment. I appreciate you girl for always watch my video full & showing your support❤️ I do back in return. Candy 🍭 😉 Great vlog girly💕

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