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Biscoff Cookie Sandwich Recipe | #vegan | Cupcake Jemma

It’s VEGANuary! That means you need a Vegan cookie recipe that you can trust. So that’s what we’ve got for you. These vegan biscoff cookie sandwiches are so …

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  1. Hey ….would I be able to use coconut oil as a shortening, I asked at asdas if they had and they gave me a funny look😂Never used or seen before, really want to make, please help 😂..💛

  2. Every time Sally wraps that cling film using just the roll, I envision myself going missing for days until someone discovers me in my kitchen literally cocooned in cling film along with the cookie dough 😬

  3. I've not found a successful baked style vegan new york cheese cake recipe, is it impossible.
    Edit , Would prefer a recipe with no nuts

  4. Could you include how much chocolate you need for the chocolate dunking portion. Don’t see it listed in ingredient list. I want to try to make these this weekend.

  5. Is there a difference between sunflower spread and sunflower butter?

    Also, confirming, how many cookies does this recipe make (from the video, 8 maybe)?

    Thank you!

  6. Great great recipe! I've made a few batches already and they all came out quite tasty (not making the filing tho, just the cookies).

    I even flavored some batches (using coffee instead of water) and I did get many compliments.

    Only question is how long can I keep them out of the fridge before they go bad?

  7. Dear Jemma and wonderful team

    Loveeee from Indonesia
    I really loveee your contents

    Is it really possible, we can become a great baker like you just by learning by our self from many sources, except direct professional classes?

    Get well soon Lovely Jemmaa

    God bless you and team for all the wonderful sharing

  8. I can’t wait to make these!

    I have a request – I’ve been asked to make Kringle and I’ve never made it before. Is there any way you could make a Kringle recipe video? I would be eternally grateful!

  9. Great recipe, thanks for sharing!
    One quick question though- what temp would you bake at in a standard home oven without convection capability??
    Gen from the USA 😘

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