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Bloody Mary Beef | Jamie Oliver

Yes, that’s right – Bloody Mary Beef! This delicious combination takes the brilliant tomato & vodka based cocktail and pairs it with a wonderful, slow-cooked beef …

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  1. I'd love to try making this but I can't drink vodka (coeliac's disease) or any other alcohol (pregnant). Can one substitute the alcohol or will the result be the same without?

  2. Where's the written ingredients. I hate when cooking videos don't have an ingredient list. I dont even what port is. Is that wine ? And was that tomato sauce ? Why he said "pasatta" im confused

  3. Jamie must have been to Tesco. Their meat shrinks by about 75% after cooking. Particularly their pork tenderloin…:)

  4. こんなの美味しいに決まってるよ!

  5. You must get rid of the PUFAs. It causes/contributes to insulin resistance, and that leads to diabetes. SAFFLOWER oil (pure, cold-pressed) is a cheap alternative. And yes, I do Nutritional Keto. But Safflower oil can make fried foods, only half as bad.

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