Blue Cheese Walnut Chicory Salad – Food Wishes

If you’ve been walking right past Belgian endive and radicchio at the store all these years, but never bought any because you thought you wouldn’t like it, well, …

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  1. Well, I was really hoping this salad would go viral, which of course would make it the first viral salad in YouTube history, but anyway, maybe start spamming your friends and family with the link, and we'll see what happens. Or, casually work it into the conversation during one of these Zoom sessions. 😉 Hope everyone is doing well, and staying safe!!

  2. Dear Chef John, the Greatest, greetings from France.
    Toasted walnuts made all the difference !
    BTW I always save juiced lemon halves to rub on my beech chopping boards to sterilise, wadja think ?
    Please also merchandise cayenne shaker. Just for fun.

  3. I live in a rural county, so I don't see radicchio or endive very often, but I wanted to try this salad. After checking a couple of markets and not finding either ingredient, I went out in the back 40 and found something Western Washington has in abundance this time of year….dandelion greens . I mixed those with a bit of romaine and red cabbage and found it a great substitute for the bitter components .

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