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Blueberry Oatmeal Muffins | Quick + Easy + Make-Ahead Recipe | Bake With Me

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  1. I made these today, they turned out delicious! I added some flax seeds with the oats and coconut chips on top. I got a bit if extra batter, total 16 muffins, probably because of my measuring cup, I'm used to working with grams.
    I don't think european measuring cups for "cup" are exactly the same as american ones but hey, 4 extra muffins, I'm not complaining :))

  2. I love your recipes although I would like to see more the inside of the final outcome such as in this muffin recipe I would have loved to see how the muffins look on the inside. Xx great work otherwise

  3. I made these but subbed out banana for pumpkin (with extra brown sugar and pie spice) and blueberries for chocolate chips. Because in the apocalypse we make do 🤷‍♀️ and it turned out great! Excellent recipe base, perfect for subs and when I'm saving flour for other bakes.

  4. Just made this simple yet tasty and healthy recipe for my family of 5! I got rave reviews! And it was a great way to use fruit that tend to go bad quickly (I used strawberries and bananas). I felt good serving this to my family. Thank you!

  5. Yes! Now I know what to do with those 2 spotty bananas which are lying around on my counter. Baby Elle is so adorable! What an awesome sous Chef!

  6. My daughter and I whipped up a batch of these immediately after watching the video. We added 1/2 a cup of apple butter in place of one of the bananas, 1/2 tsp salt, and some ground flax, chia seeds and hemp hearts because we had them.
    Then my daughter declared it "Kind and Beautiful Day" where you be kind by making something beautiful for someone, because my husband who has a dairy and wheat allergy can eat these muffins.

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