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Braised Chicken Wings, finger licking good! So simple to make too, no need to fry 卤鸡翅

Braised Chicken Wings 卤鸡翅Hi everyone! You have to try this simple and delicious braised chicken wings. Please see the detailed ingredients below. Enjoy!

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  1. I have 2 packs of wings in the fridge and have been looking for some good recipes for them. Love this. I already have most ingredients. Yum yum. 😋

  2. The end product you are eating looks slightly browned. Did you any bit fry it after taking out from the broth. The end portion of the video was a little confusing to me. Please clarify. Sorry, you have written no need of frying. I was late to notice it. Anyway you are taking the pieces out while still some broth is left and not fully dried out. Right?

  3. You are right not to measure everything. Cooking needs Heart, Soul & Knowledge, not measuring. If you know what you need and the amount/ratio, then you learn to cook by feeling and taste. O and thanks now i need to find some ingredients because, i definetly gonna try this

  4. Good afternoon from Japan. I would be very interested to hear from you and know a little bit about you. I have subscribed to your Channel so I do hope to hear from you as I think that we can share some of our cooking and food experience. Thanks a lot, regards John E

  5. Just been to my Chinese Restaraunt today it was still half full. The waitress was very pleased to see me. I don't think many European people are going there at the moment. They gave me extra duck. I was only white man there at busy lunch time. I think She is possibly the managers wife or I would ask her to goto movies also she can't speak English 💪

  6. Looing sauce. Is that correct? I was told that Chinese cooks would keep it warm and use it over and over, for months or more. I had this chicken many years ago, it's time to do it again. Thanks for reminding me.

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