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Breakfast Freezer Meal Prep With Me! Fill Your Freezer!

Hey party people! Thanks so much for hanging out with me while I share with you my Breakfast Freezer Meal Prep! This is the second Freezer Meal Breakfast …

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  1. Omg it's so funny you mentioned Julie Roberts .I've been setting here the whole time thinking u sounded like her in pretty bubbly she was …I love your additude..worth watching you

  2. Uauu….
    Very usufull to frezze meals for a whole family…
    That's so great….moms usualy has to be working at home, especially at kitchen, 40 hrs a day.
    Now you could have time to be relaxed during the day….
    Very good girl….
    Your life is done….
    Nothing better that knowing what your freeze meal contains….👏👏

  3. Im absouletly loving this channel as well as your personality you seem like a very down to earth and humorous love the vibe .with baby on the hib im the same way lol loving it ..thank you for all the great recipes and the music i was loving it .im glad i came across you first time here and now a new follower

  4. I love almond extract, i will advise you to use it in everything you possibly can it makes it so munch better , i have an amzing cream cheese chrismas cookie ball recipe i found online , there my husbands favorite cookies and super fun to make with the kiddios and my secert weapon is the almond extract i added to the recipe , to find it you just have to put in cream cheese Christmas cookie balls , i also substitute the podwer suger with regular because that what i had at time and they dont hold there ball shape but everyone loved it ao much i just decided not to change it

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