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BREAKFAST GRWM + Mothers Day Brunch Ideas 🥞| HONEYSUCKLE

Let’s chat about YouTube, Food, Kids, Pregnancy, and make some yummy Mothers Day Breakfast Ideas! Links & Recipes below! SUBSCRIBE to be a #BuzyBee …

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  1. This felt like you were a close friend and we were just chatting in your kitchen while you made brunch. Thank you 🙂 most of my friends and I are so busy all the time that it was nice to feel like I had a friend in you. I love how you described the food too!

  2. Hey Krissy! Love all of your videos your so inspiring to me. I’ve made my own YouTube channel thanks to all your inspiration. Your awesome! thanks again love from 🇨🇦 Canada

  3. I’m learning so much about pregnancy from all your videos! I guess I’ll take this as a learning point and something that might help me in the future when I’m married and my wife is pregnant? Very informative though!! ☺️

  4. Dzung! You look so beautiful! I loved this style video, I liked that it was late bc i'm too busy on sunday anyway so it was perfect timing for me lol

  5. Love that you are so open, and talk about things that are not that “popular“! Im watching from Germany since this year, keep on gooing and stay as you are :-*

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