Breakfast quesadillas are a one-pan breakfast. We were inspired to make these from a viral TikTok video and our family loved …

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  1. Thank you Natashas潃儭歹for sharing this very easy 潃儭delicious healthy 半eautiful breakfast 歹Youa are soo sweet . Have nice day my darling 歹潃儭休

  2. Couldn't wait so I went shopping for missing ingredients yesterday and had it for breakfast this morning. 10/10 will be making this again. So easy. It was a little greasy, so maybe some sliced oranges would top this off nicely.

  3. Even though there are already over 2000 comments, I had to come and say that I am absolutely sold on this technique. Yes, old dogs can learn new tricks!

  4. lile these tasty simple recepies. Fixed the waffles just as you did and they are excellent! Ty for recepies and easy how to's, makes life a bit easier like getting a break cause someone did my homework

  5. This recipe has been saved on my playlist for awhile but needed something quick and different for suhur/breakfast. This recipe was great for the job, I had two and some pineapple tidbits. I went with some OBrien potatoes with the egg and cheese instead of a meat this time. Will definitely keep this recipe in the rotation 樹

  6. Thanks a lot for the best breakfast 綾I want to make this but I don't know how. After I see your video I can make it 弘
    You are the best 毋

  7. Love this recipe as bfast for dinner! I was going to make chicken tacos but no tomatoes, so I took leftover rotisserie chicken heated it up, cooked with taco seasoning and added to quesadillas. YUM! Tks for the easy peasy recipesy!不

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