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Budget meals under €2 / $2 » vegan + delicious

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  1. I didn't realise produce was so much more affordable in Europe. In South Africa, one bell pepper is the cost of that whole meal and the total cost for the meal would be around €10 (if not more).

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  3. I'm envious of your prices! A block of tofu or a red pepper are easily $4 each here in Canada now, and veggies are getting so expensive people aren't buying them much.

  4. Found you via Gaz Oakley @AvantGardeVegan – your recipes are beautiful and the filming is probably the best on any vegan food channel. New sub 🙂

  5. wow all these recipes look amazing! especially that tart. man healthy groceries and produce in australia is sooooo expensive lol

  6. Hi Sadia…nice recipes. Thanks for sharing. In your sweet and sour recipe, can you suggest another alternative for maple syrup?

  7. Really love all of this, but I wish that tofu wasn't so expencive in Denmark. One block of tofu (250 grams drained) kost 35dkk = 4.7eur, or 5.7usd, so to match up to thise recipies I have to buy douple the amount (T_T)

  8. Sadia, can you please make more vegetable pies and vegetable casserole/ curry recipes? The vegetable tart is possibly one of the most sensual and decadent (yet SO healthy) recipes I have ever seen. I love it so much!

  9. 450gr of tofu costs 1.14€ in the Netherlands??Wow! The same amount Costs around 6€ in Greece. And it’s really rare to find in stores,especially if you live in a small city :/

  10. I really love and would love to try the second recipe, but I hate pineapple, in all forms. So i wonder if anyone has an idea what to use instead? Would it work with canned peaches? That is something I already have at home and cannot find an use for it. 😀 Thanks for help! All of the recipes look lovely!

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