Buffalo Chicken Dip – Appetizers

Buffalo Chicken Dip – Franks Buffalo Chicken Dip is a Super Bowl Appetizer Classic. This Buffalo Chicken Dip recipe comes together in just a few minutes and is …

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  1. Alicia great to meet you, wow I read your about what a fabulous and interesting story, awesome you have been to Canada Im in Vancouver.
    This like a great dip easy and like you say options, I love spicy my hubby no not an issue more for me . that one sweet little voice 🙂 👌🍁

  2. Hello my friend ! Thanks a lot for this video…. I saw a chicken flying in front of the camera. Is this normal (hahaha) ? Well done my friend. Hello from France . Joseph.

  3. Ok I know what I’m gonna be making this buffalo chicken dip looks absolutely decadent divine and delicious. When you added all those peppers and I’ll block of cream cheese with all the spices I know this was going to be fabulous from the start. Nice and bubbly golden delicious grab yourself some vegetable crudités and I’m ready to dig in

  4. Hi Alicia. I love Buffalo chicken dip. Going extra looks like it paid off huge! Who wants basic when you can make an amazing Buffalo chicken dip! Cool that you added Worcestershire sauce. That’s a good idea. And you gotta have the franks red hot! Looks awesome ! Like 4 🌟

  5. Great looking SuperBowl dip! I also want to say I love your kitchen. I know lot's of YT chef create "set kitchens." But yours is really nice! I love the brick, the arch, the rooster and chef figures. Nice job with at home set design!

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