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Bunny Day Event Is Here! How To Get All Eggs & Recipes! Animal Crossing New Horizons Easter Events

Animal Crossing New Horizons Bunny Day Easter Event Is Here! The Event Starts on April First and is depending on the region your switch is registered too.

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  1. I now I could have the option to time travel but I’m not going to
    So I’m basically going to have to wait another 8 months by the time I write this just to get this chance as this is my 1st AC game but I started by the end of April/start of May

  2. I’ve been checking all the lists of DIY recipes and have all of the ones needed and crafted them all and when I go to zipper he says there’s still one left idk what to do 😭

  3. So I've been grinding really hard on animal crossing lately because I only didn't play for 5 days. Will the Bunny Day come back next year with the same items and recipes. Or will it be gone forever.?

  4. If you collect 15 of all of the types of egg you can get a dress and a hat that I'd only recommend you wear if your character is female. ;-;

  5. Just playing the game in itself should show how to get the Bunny furniture and eggs. I can't. Stop. Getting. Eggs. I used to look forward to Bunny Day. Now it's just something I'd rather it be over!!!

  6. I updated my version of acnh on the third of april cuz' my switch weirdly didn't notify me .
    So I checked update over the internet and it updated but zipper still isn't on my island.
    Is this a time glitch?

  7. How comes many of you have so many different clothes and outfits or colorful object while I play everyday but still own like a dress, 2 jeans and 1 pair of yellow shoes? 😭 please teach me

  8. hello im buying eggs 5,000 bells a stack and also buying recipes 5,000 bells per recipe ill be open all day code is C86g5 buying eggs til the 20th

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