Butter Chicken/ Q & A/ Reverse Roast at the end!

Custom Keto Diet

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  1. A lot of Protestant Christians believe it's mandatory to give 10% of their income as a tithe. In Catholic culture, I've heard to give of your time, talents, &treasure. So ppl like me who are poor can give our time and abilities since I don't have much extra money. (I'm watching the video in sections; that's why another comment).

  2. As a vegan I appreciate you guys talking about the horrible things going on in the industry, it's important to let people know. Also it's interesting to learn about the muslim aproach on this, thank you

  3. Gotta eat healthy

    Stay away from sodas and diet sodas and heavy drinks that contain too much sugar Don’t eat too much desserts and sweets

    Eat MORE raw vegetables

    Eat LESS Meat

    Drink More water

    Drink tea and coffee without creamer and No milk and NO Sugar

    Be healthy
    Eat smart

    God almighty bless us all and give us good health inshaAllah

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