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Cacao Bliss Hot Chocolate & Easy Healthy Vegan Meal for One! | Vlogmas Day 11

Disclaimer: This video is in partnership with EchoEarth Foods. All opinions are my own!

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  1. Our “kittens” wool suck too! We raised them from 4 wks, obviously taken away too soon from momma. They did that more when they were younger, but now they’re almost 2 yrs and it’s a rare occurrence.

  2. I love simple meals! I haven't tried coating potatoes with that oil. Must do it! I love it for dipping crusty bread in. Yummm! When you posted it I had to go out and get it! Delish! I have, in the past, taken an Italian seasoning blend and put it in olive oil for the same purpose. That's really good too. Learned that at a favorite Italian restaurant in Florida.

  3. What a nice cacao set! Coco is so precious. My older cat, Molly, also does that kneading motion, although without the biting. We always say she’s making biscuits!!

  4. Hi Kim, What Coco, is doing is called "kneading" it soothes them. It's what they did when they were being Nursed by Mama! My Singer, is 4 years old & still does it! Yet, I never get any Damn Bread from it! lol So, you ALL having a good day? I hope so! Btw, very thoughtful of you to "include" Sub/Viewers in this Giveaway. I hope whomever Wins, will love it! Hug's & Kisses to Austin and ALL of the 'Fur' Babies ❤😘 Blessings & lots of love,

  5. Our cat Arthus does this to a blanket that has texture like that. He gets self conscious if we say something to him about it. Haha
    Tell your little man he did a great job with his story he wrote.

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