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California Gardening Feb 2020 Garden Tour – Gardening Tips, Advice & more!

Welcome to the monthly gardening series – In today’s Episode of the February 2020 Garden Tour we begin with a garden tour, show you how our raised bed …

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  1. My name is Kenny from northern Kentucky look up the history of biochar for gardening tell everyone you know passed it on it's good for bad clay soil ok for good soil barn wood to char douse it with water then dry it out then activate it with worm castings or compost liquids first I also like rocket store Mas s heaters couches earthships homes are nice too

  2. Those cinderblocks are looking great for raised bed but did you do the research about the cinderblocks before you set up?? Cause There is the potential for toxic materials to leach from the cinder blocks into the soil. These materials have been known to affect cognitive ability, cause nervous disorders, contribute to increased cancer risks and have given rise to many general health complaints. Also if it's a new material it might have fly ash in it too.

  3. I just found your channel today and my goodness…the absolute best to teach beginning gardeners with complete information. Thank you for sharing your very experienced knowledge😀

  4. I commented on your last video 3.30.20 that I didn't know if you had a video on your raised bed, and I found this one! Thank you, it looks fantastic!

  5. sun berries… looks like Solinum. little white flowers right? Everybody sees those in my yard and freaks out. "OMG those are poisonous!" no no… fully ripe berries are juuuuust fine. yummy.

  6. I love these raised beds. I need you to explain the drainage system that you have set up however. I need to understand how you set it up and why you did it like this.
    While this might be obvious for many of your viewers, it will be a first time experience for me. Apart from that this method is not normally practised by farmers in my country or community.
    Looking forward to your response.

  7. Your raise beds look really nice the concrete or cinderblocks is not safe food safe for the vegetables that you’re growing I would use wood. You may have to replace it more often but it’s more biodegradable and safer on your plants and you

  8. I have two major problems with concrete block beds; one is the high cost. Each block is about 90 cents in my area, that adds up well over $100 each for beds that size. The other problem is all the backbreaking labor of moving dozens or hundreds of blocks from the store to your vehicle, out of your vehicle into your yard, stacking them all etc. But if one can afford the upfront cost and pay some young strong people to do all the lifting & carrying, concrete beds will definitely work well and will last a very, very long time.

  9. I'll never build a bed with wood again. Even the treated wood nowadays will rot and need to be replaced in a few short years. For deep beds like yours, I strongly recommend filling them at least half-way with branches, stumps, leaves, lawn clippings, etc before adding your favorite soil mix. The organic material will retain moisture and take up space, and eventually break down and become part of the soil, like a hugelkultur bed. It's very expensive to fill an entire two-foot deep bed with soil/compost, and plants simply do not need that much. Where in nature do we ever see topsoil 2-3 feet deep? Nowhere I know of! Old healthy forests and cultivated farms alike typically only have a few inches of true topsoil, and that's plenty.
    So building the beds tall saves some backaches and makes the bed accessible for people with physical limitations, and using (generally free) material to fill it halfway keeps it cost-efficient.

  10. I think those raised beds look amazing! Please would you explain the drainage in a video. I can’t wait to see what you use to fill the beds, you must be very excited! I think your garden will be a perfect productive size!


  11. Can potting mix catch fire by itself? We had a wooden planter with dried potting mix in it(nothing planted so far) and all of sudden around 7am(4° C) I saw fumes and the both bottom corners of my wooden planter were on fire! We never smoke and right now it's cold so we are not even using the balcony and we live on the top floor! It has really surprised us ,please let me know if you can shed some light on it?

  12. Like your brick block lined vegetable beds. Permanent solution and I’m so envious! Mine have wooden edges which will eventually rot and I don’t get the height . The pipes for irrigation is brilliant. All the very best and enjoy your amazing garden.

  13. I love the cinder blocks. 👍👍👍
    They are sturdy and definitely last for a very long time.👍
    Time and money saved.👍
    Love the garden. Its beautiful and healthy.
    Nice upload
    A new friend. Lets connect

  14. Someone may have already mentioned, but your Sun Berry is of the Nightshade family SOLANACEAE. Same family as tomatoes and potatoes. The berries on this plant that aren’t 100% ripe can be very toxic so if you want to grow this plant to consume, please be aware of this hazard. HappyGardening! 🤗

  15. in the cooking part, we call that Chinese amaranthus; The seeds are hard to find. As a substitute I use épinard pay, an Antillean wild amaranthus, but the oxalic acid content is much higher than your delicious red one.
    Thanks for an informative episode. I sent you an email and picture, did you see it?

  16. I'm new to gardening. I saw lots of blood worms from a pot and some look like maggots. Have you had this problem before? Can you show us how to get rid of them?

  17. Hello! I love how this monthly series now has a little of everything. It’s like a monthly roundup to update us on your garden as a whole and to give short recommendations for the techniques and products that don’t justify a dedicated longer video. Please continue to include a quick monthly recipe; this one looks great. I hope that as your garden gets ready for planting, you will have some more of the longer tutorial style videos as well. I live in Orange County as well and want to learn how I can become a container gardener on my small balcony, some for food and some for looks (especially native plants or plants well adapted to our warm dry climate).

  18. I just made a raised bed with cement blocks. I wonder if they are safe to use. Some say they can leach chemicals . Im not sure as Im trying to get information from the manufacturer

  19. Thank you so much for this episode. I really like to see cooking the things you grow. Keep it up. I can’t wait to see your beds filled with what ever you will be growing.

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