Can Yankee Fans Trust Gerrit Cole!?

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  1. I do like Craig, but he needs to be on in the morning which is a better time to try to be funny on the radio. Also, the chemistry just isn't there with Craig and Evan. I need to hear serious sports talk on my drive home, not wet Wednesday. WFAN shouldn't have let Craig and Boomer run Mike Francesa out of town. I don't care what the ratings say, the station hasn't been the same since.
    Another issue is the ridiculous amount of commercials on this station, sometime close to 10 minutes straight. I often just turn the station after the first 7 minutes or so. Enough with the greed! Maybe the show hosts need to take a pay cut because the station is unlistenable.

  2. Cole is fine. He’s still figures to be a solid piece of a postseason rotation; yeah, Cortes probably gets the ball in a do or die game, but Cole hasn’t performed sufficiently worse than everybody else to warrant his exclusion, given his track record. If he had 5 ERA, yeah, different conversation

  3. Hate to say it, but I DO NOT trust Cole right now. He makes me nervous like Chad Green made me nervous. haha. Thats just how I feel about it 😉 lol!!

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