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CARNE GUISADA RECIPE | Tex Mex Beef Stew Recipe | Easy Carne Guisada Recipe

Please, like, share and subscribe! Thank you! INGREDIENTS 1 1/2 lbs beef shank meat beef bone marrow (you can use 3 to 4 tbsp oil) 3 Roma tomatoes 1 small …

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  1. The local carniceria here has inexpensive picado (chopped) beef and it works great if you simmer it long enough.

    My guisado came out great, very rich and flavorful. Next time, I'm fire-roasting some poblano and other incredible chiles available in California and kicking it off the chart.

    I used no tomatoes. Started sweating onions in oil then the several ground chile powders and then carne picado. Got all cooked and friendly, all over a medium heat, then added about 1/2 small can of tomato paste. Just let these ingredients meld over some time. When that time hits, all kinda drying out (and never drained any oil or water released) get those dabs of butter in, an equal sprinkling of flour over it all, and a smile! Cook out that flour….

    Whole small can of beef broth, bring to roil, set to simmer uncovered….stir, taste, repeat. It was my idea of what local California vegetables and cuts of meat bring a different style that is unique. I let it barely simmer while making a batch of lime/cilantro rice.

    Kinda bold and then second-guessed myself and realized no going back. I like the Knorr caldo powder instead of the cubes. The lime peel….spring onion……finely-minced garlic……it's just countdown to flavor-town! The saved lime juice at the end and you are done! It worked okay. The lime cilantro rice is really good with a lighter meat, say chicken or shrimps. The shrimps rock with dat rice!

    This stew was really good and bloomed later. I could keep it "as is", add carrots and potatoes, and it's just another great comfort food. But this just deserves better. Double the amount of chile powders, add some smokey love with chipotles and fire-roasted poblano, serrano, jalepeeener, and the rest! My total cost for ingredients was less than 20 smackers and can feed 4-6, or maybe just one? Or several….a few, yes….a few. Right! Just keep going, some might actually read this….

    Thank you for adding more inspiration into something that I find fascinating. WHAT'S in the cupboard and pantry? and create a great meal for your friends and family!

  2. And all you need homemade flour tortillas and refried bean that is a great dinner from north Mexico and Sur texas,you abuelita te enseño muy bien reina. Blessings

  3. Do you know if I wanted to replace tomato sauce instead of the 3 tomatoes, about how much tomato sauce would you recommend? Would you adjust the water if using tomato sauce?

  4. Sorry but i didnt like it . 1 no sofrito no potatoes no tomato sause. Tiny slices of carrota optional.. Thats not boricua style . thata plan American. Stewed beef..

  5. Carne guisada has been my favorite dish since I was a kid. I made this recipe last week, and my family is begging me to make it again. You’re amazing!

  6. Omg!!!! This goes hard af with beans, rice and tortillas!!!! Omgggg craving it now so bad😫😫😫😭😭😭😭😭 I just discovered you!!! You are amazing!! Never stop making videos 🥰

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