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Cast Iron Steak Recipe

Grilled Chuck Steak in a Cast Iron Skillet with Butter, Garlic and Thyme #castironsteak #chucksteak #howtobbqright WHAT …

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  1. I did this with a discount piece of beef I got at the super market and it turned out extremely delicious. Guaranteed great way to cook a steak.

  2. Wagyu steaks for fifteen bucks? Lol I think not. You probably have Washugyu beef there…mayne. Too many stores throw around the "Wagyu" label, but most are just select beef when they run that inexpensive. True Wagyu steaks that size would cost a couple of hundred bucks at least.

  3. I love Angus chuck roast steaks YUM That the way i like it BLOODY RARE. dose looks good bro! YUM Now tell me what the steak taste like? To me its between a ribeye, and a NY strip SO GOOD YUM

  4. As Kent Rollins says, the two most common mistakes people make when they cook steak is under seasoned and over cooked. You sir, nailed it!! I'm glad I found your channel. You and Kent Rollins are all I need to learn how to be a better cook with cast iron and around the grill. God Bless.

  5. I tell you what i swear the best steak is cooked on cast iron skillet. Prove me wrong, he just showed you right here. Great job basting too, very crucial part

  6. I know it's best to eat the steak at medium or less, but I cannot stomach that. I need my steaks medium well. I know people say it's tough and dry then, but it's the only way I can eat it. It needs to be light pink.

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