CHALLENGE: Make a Fried Chicken Dinner… HEALTHY! | Guy's Grocery Games | Food Network

Guy Fieri sends four talented chefs running through the aisles in a high-stakes, high-skills, grocery store cooking competition. The chefs are hit by real-world …

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  1. I liked the vid a lot. I've been trying to look for video similar to yours that really informs the topics in this vid! 🥼 🩺Your explanation totally is similar to the vids of Dr Ethan. Dr Ethan's demonstrations are informative and he really helped me a lot on exams.

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  2. So the winner used a (fatty) thigh instead of breast. I get that the challenge is "fried" not baked but not one person talked about a healthier fat for frying. Instead they focused on Gluten. Internet group think instead of real science or medicine. Pure trash.

  3. It’s quite simple to make a fried chicken dinner healthy you don’t fry it you can bread it and you can put it in the oven so I consider that a fail not a win and Guy I really think you should hold them accountable if you are going to give a set price and a set menu To become healthy thank you have to do it in an alternative way it’s showing your skill as to how to maintain a good flavour please take this on board when you are choosing your menu plan

  4. You should be an Albertson's store shopping albertsons or vons or Safeway Because it's Joe Albertson's supermarket but the transportation department is mine

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