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  1. I had soaked chana last night and was wondering of making simple sundal now, however was sooo glad to see you post this video today 😍 looks soooo yum🤤.. Thank you Hema for sharing this recipe.. M gonna try it ❤️

  2. Looking Wonderful receipe hema… Salads are my favorite …Thanks for sharing with us going to try tomorrow .. I used to get red cherry tomatoes but not the yellow Ones. Can u tell me where you got yellow ones ..?

  3. Love your cooking and presentation❤ I will definetly try and send the feed back.
    I started a channel RARA's WORLD truly inspired by people like you.. Please subsribe to my channel and please support guys.Thank u

  4. Pl share the link for the bowl in which u were mixing the salad, also some cute spoons with which u add the powders, the other ingredients which u share can be easily procured in the local market itself

  5. Great recipe there! Adding zucchini, small mozarella balls or Feta cubes is also a great option. Feta or sheep's milk cheese is low fat and packed with flavour.
    Skipping oil for the dressing will make it too tart. If you don't find olive oil, then go for any neutral oil like safflower or canola. Other oils like flax seed or avocado work very well too. Depends on what's available.

  6. I soaked some chana to make some snacks but…unexpectedly i got notified when i saw it was chana recipie its soooo surprising thnku mam i will definitely gonna try this

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