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CHEAP & HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS MEALS UNDER $1.50 (Easy budget recipes at college student prices!)


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  1. when i'm on a budget i like to try recipes with as few ingredients as possible to save on cost and food waste, i know some of these recipes fall into that category already but would be fun to see your take on 3, 4, 5 ingredient meals etc – and all the best to you and your family, wish you happy times ahead

  2. Get even more bang for your buck by making your own beans. A pound of dry beans cost about $1 in the US and will make about 6 cups of cooked beans (which is about 9 servings).

  3. I’m going to college soon and you have no idea how much this is easing my mind! I was always worried because eating healthy in college (at least in the states is generally expensive) these are way better options than Ramen lol

  4. Thank you for these videos ❤️ i don’t even need to be a on a strict Budget but theses videos are a great reminder for me that eating healthy is neither expensive nor hard! So there’s no excuse to not eating healthy!

  5. Greetings to you Liezl from Lewes DE. I had to take a moment to write and thank you for sharing your 400 calorie meals because it made a huge impact on my life….On March 1st of this year, I weighed 189 lbs….I am 5'3" and I was a real rolly polly! lol..I was determined to loose weight, and finding you on Youtube, was a miracle….because I have lost over 20lbs and I feel so much better! I have learned how to drink the 64 oz of water daily, and a tip I learned about that was to drink the 1st 32 oz before breakfast! I think that made all the difference, along with the healthy meals I cooked for myself daily! Planning is key, and sometimes I get lazy with it, and that is when I end up gaining a couple of lbs back! I am strictly back on it, hoping to loose another 20 by the fall. You were a Goddess send to me….and it was so nice to see recent videos of you on here:) You look amazing! I am 64 years old….and I am going to get back into that size 10 one day….and you are the reason that that will happen…..Thank you Thank you Thank you! I wish for you peace and joy always in your life:)

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