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  1. K so I made my own pizza dough. What I thought was a total disaster ended up being pretty good….yea instead of 6 I made 3. Full time rver with tiny kitchen n work space. Luv the pairing knife…I did take a pic but cant share? My son could help me but hes on the big stick rite now, could u help max?

  2. Hi Sam.

    A "hack" for this would be to make a good tomato sauce (don't be shy with the garlic and oregano). Spread it on the dough.

    Crumb up some chorizo and sprinkle over the sauce. Add the cheese strings on top and then roll, seal and ring as before. Add the garlic butter and the herbs de Provence, then bake.

  3. I did this with empanada crust, but I sliced the sticks (mozzarella as well) down the middle to make them bendable, and I was able to make more 😀

  4. These may be the best munchie food I've seen you do yet! I am making them tomorrow…I'm gonna brush the inside of the dough with garlic butter before baking and have ranch and marinara as dipping choices.

  5. There are too many YouTube ads in your video. There were 2 (two) ads in your 9 minute video. It is time we all complained to YouTube!

  6. If you attempt to change the color of your shirts in your store you get a system error. It then remains if you try to reload the original color. Seems to be no way around this.

  7. Had a buncha leftover Italian style pulled pork from this packaged deal. It tasted a ton like a Pastrami. Seeing this now just told me what I'm making for dinner. A BBQ pizza with that pork, bbq, pilsbury pizza dough from the store, red onion, basil and pepper jack cheese. Thanks for the inspiration! Also, might just make these on the side!

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