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Welcome to VeggiePals! Today I ( Amy ) makes a cheesy burger mac skillet meal. A veggie burger helper. I use Beyond Burger patties, vegan cheese, and …

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  1. I LOVE that this entire dish is vegan and gluten free! It looks soooo delicious! I heard you say that the sausage beyond meat would be good in this dish. I love it and add it to a lot of my soups. Love that you show us how to make the dish before you start your mukbang. I need to get that nutritional yeast. 😊🌷🌼

  2. smash smash smash…….what a great lunch on a cold Spring day…..awesome ladies….that yeast is such a great bang for the buck for protein and vitamins….

  3. Haha I would be shoveling this in my mouth too 😂 Love it! I can tell it's rich and creamy 🙌 What a good use of beyond patties. I bet you're right the beyond sausage would be good too. And pasta is DEFINITELY my weakness as well lol. Ohhh what a good idea about the vegan HP food! Love Butter Beer!

  4. I loooove the intro! I don’t remember seeing that on the last video. It is so cute! I love how close you and Abby are it’s super sweet and nice to see. This looks really yummy!

  5. Mmm…I make a Tex mex mac n cheese that we really like. Might have to do this soon! Also, I haven’t tried any of the fake tunas, but if they’re good, I’d love it. I make a chickpea salad to fill the tuna salad void. 😂

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