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Chef Kevin Belton's Fried catfish and potato salad recipes

Crispy Fried Catfish and a lil lagniappe to help make it a delicious day! Pass the hot sauce and lemon! Ingredients 6 lbs. catfish fillets 1 cup buttermilk 4 cups …

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  1. Love watching you on TV I just started my own channel about 3 months ago. Whenever you get a chance Check out my Rise and shine Bisque with Nelo Blendz. Give me a couple of pointers if you would. Please and Thank you.

  2. Your video come up as a suggestion, I watch it and loved it. I loved it so much that after watching it I prepared it for my family. As you can imagine my whole family loved it. I will definitely be adding both of these recipes to our dinner rotation. I will also be taking a look at your other videos. Thanks for posting.

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