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CHICKEN CORDON BLEU 1kg chicken breast fillet 1 pack ham or bacon 250g easy-melting cheese ½ cup sliced pickles …

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  1. Ang sarap pong manood ng mga videos mo napaka clear po ng mga details sa pagluluto at ang saya po,sana po marami pa kayong ma upload na videos para mas marami pa kaming matutunan,simple ung mga ingredients pero special at kakaiba ung kinalalabasan ng mga niluluto nyo po😊God bless po sayo at sa family mo❤️

  2. I love you Chef RV. Try mo din po lagyan ng jalapeño. I’m a singer po sa isang german bar dito sa Suzhou China tapos po ung Cordon Bleu nila may jalapeño. Lalo po siyang sumarap.

  3. I also use clear plastic to roll/mould it though I literally roll the plastic edges to tighten it then, freeze it for at least 6 hrs (longer better) before cooking. Breeding is done on the spot like you said to maintain crunchiness. I pair it with cheesy mornay sauce while my brother uses mushroom. Another variety is using bacon or a combination of bacon and ham. I haven't tried adding pickles like you did but would like to try if the family would love it as well. It's a family fave dish that they do not enjoy buying outside rather wait for me to find the time to cook one. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  4. Good afternoon po chef…ask klng po bkit ung gnawa kng frosting pra s cake eh hnd matigas nag tutubig cya ..gmi k png frosting ay 6 eggs white and boil sugar ..tumitigas cya habang mini mix k after n ilagay kna s cake nag tutubig n cya .. ano po b dpat k gwin 🙏🥰

  5. I’m planning on making this today but my question is do you use the whole chicken breast make butterfly slice and pound it, or cut the whole chicken breast into two and start using it for one rolled cordon bleu. I still have to buy truffle salsa for the bechamel sauce. I’ve been looking at other recipes but I think yours differs from the rest of them. This is chicken cordon bleu with a twist because of your bechamel sauce.
    Thanks for sharing, my husband is also watching with me and crazy about this recipe.

  6. Tried one of your recipe and so glad to inform everyone n s lahat ng chefs n sinusubscribe ko only you is telling the exact ingredients kaya swak ang recipe n nasubukan ko.and confident ako to inject some twist kc you always say n "no prob" at "optional"and you always say or share alternatives👏👏thanks much!love the way you do your videos plus the recipes sure ako n yummy.

  7. The subtitles distracted the process how you do it. Make the subtitles a little bit smaller so that I can see what's behind it or say what are you doing, just a suggestion. Thanks 👍😊

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